How to jumpstart your depleted car battery

1. Make sure that the cause of the machine will not live because of the battery. For example, by turning on the light: if it is dim, the battery may be soak; if it’s light, it’s not a battery problem. Meanwhile, check out the best jump starter on the online store as well.

2. Once you are sure the battery is completely depleted, draw another normal car in the opposite position, about 30 cm bumper-to-bumper if possible. If the car is automatic, make sure the transmission lever is in the “park” position, if the manual transmission car is in “neutral.” Handbrake must be fully attached.

3. Wear rubber gloves, find positive (+) and negative (-) poles on both car batteries. If the poles are colored, red is positive and black is negative.

4. Take the jumper cable, attach a positive jumper (red) jumper clip to the positive pole of the normal car battery, and the other end at the positive pole of the car battery being damaged.

5. Place a negative jumper (black) jumper clamp in the negative terminal of the normal car battery. CAUTION, this cable is now fully charged. Do not touch the cord clamping section of the body or other car parts.

6. Clip the other end of the black jumper cable into the car’s metal near the engine, preferably on the battery supporting bolt that connects with the chassis.

7. Check again no wires dangling towards moving objects in the engine room.

8. Once believed to be safe, turn on a normal car for 1-2 minutes. Step on the gas slowly to slightly increase engine speed.

9. Turn on the damaged car, may need more than once, but do not repeat up to four times or more. If it fails in the first experiment, it may be necessary to clamp another ground for the negative cable and let the normal car live for five minutes before the damaged car is turned on.

10. If the engine works, leave it for five minutes slightly above the idle by pressing the soft gas, then let it light up for 20 minutes in idle position (without stepping on the gas). This procedure should be enough to fill the stun on the battery.

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