Risks of Liposuction

Liposuction, a fatty suction surgery procedure, risks death if too much fat is sucked up. Because by sucking fat means there will be body fluids and blood sucked. Moreover, one-third of the material that comes out of the body when liposuction is blood.

Then, if the blood and fluid are too much out, then the patient can shock. As a result, heart failure occurs. In plastic surgery braiding the breast with silicone implants, the risk that haunts is implant damage. There is also the possibility of these implants ‘migrating’ to other body parts. Other problems, broken implants, leaks and medical complications such as fibromyalgia (chronic pain from head to foot) or thyroid problems.

While the risk of saline implants is a problem such as bacterial infection, hematoma (bleeding), as well as reduced or loss of sensitivity of part of the breast. In addition, the study also highlights how breast implants make it difficult to detect cancer at an early stage. You can always visit Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery – Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills and we will help you to avoid those risks.

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