Know What The Meaning of Visa And The Difference With Passport

A visa is really needed by all who really want to go abroad. There are some countries that require visas to enter the country. Please note that there is also english test for citizenship for those who want to live in the UK.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not know the difference visa with a passport.

Understanding the visa itself is a document issued by a country whose contents in the form of permission to enter the country.

Visa Difference with Passport
Basically, visas and passports are the same permit documents required to enter other countries. However, these two documents also differ from those issuing the documents. A visa is a permit document to enter a country issued by the government or embassy of the country to be entered, while a passport is a permit document entering a country issued by the government of the country of origin of the person wishing to visit a country.