Bye-Bye Ordinary Surgeon Mask!

Still, wear a surgical mask or a funny character mask? Did you know that the two types of masks that do not work against the pollution? In the pollution contained super small particles that can not be filtered by ordinary masks. Particles smaller than 10 microns are very easy to breathe and enter the lungs. The main self-protection method is to use a breathing mask, such as the N95 you can get at The N95 mask alone has 95% of the ability to filter the dust particles, so this mask is most ideal. An ordinary mask known as a surgical mask, commonly used by the general public, usually has a light green outer part and a white inside and has a strap/rubber for easy attachment to the back of the head or ear.

Mask N95 is a breathing protective device designed to cover the face of its users, especially on the nose and mouth and very efficiently filter the particles in the air including microorganisms. This type of mask is highly recommended for use when smog occurs due to its ability to filter out very good pollutant particles. Several studies have shown that the N95 mask’s ability to filter smoke particles of 0.1 to 0.3 microns in size exceeds 95% can even reach 99.5% if the particle size reaches 0.75 microns or greater.

The use of N95 masks improves breathing effort. For some, the use of N95 masks can cause discomfort for breathing, fatigue, or headaches. This could be because the mask causes breathing difficulties, and reduces the volume of air being inhaled. For most people, this is not a serious thing. N95 masks can be found at pharmacies, health/safety equipment stores, or handyman/building supplies stores that provide them. But keep in mind that not all places provide it, because the price is relatively high, and buying interest that has not been much.

The shape of this mask is not as flexible as an ordinary mask. Usually shaped rather round or semi-round and white, made of a relatively rigid material that is not easily damaged. Its solid appearance causes no gaps that the outside air can enter when in use. This is what causes the N95 mask to be very efficiently used when the haze conditions occur. Anyone exposed to the effects of haze should use this type of mask especially for those who have outdoor activities in the long term.