Too Difficult to Arrange, These are Some Reasons Why Rats to Be a Pest That Sucks

The presence of mice at home would be very disturbing to you. this can bring many diseases to your house because of the mice in it. So you should be able to use the best poison for killing rats to catch the mouse and eradicate it well from your home. this is one of the best ways you can do.

However, you must have experienced that catching a mouse is not an easy thing. Here are some reasons why rats are hard to catch.

– The body of a mouse is flexible so it only takes a gap of 1 cm to enter! – The body of the mouse is very flexible so it only takes a gap of 1 cm only to enter the building. In addition, they are also good climbers, swimmers, and jumper. All the gaps have the potential as a rat entry access to your building.

– Efficient reproduction – Average mice can give birth 3 or 8x a year, and each time it produces 4 to 10 birth children. They have a short pregnancy period of + 3 weeks, for example, rats need 10 to 12 weeks to mature. We are potentially facing huge losses due to rat infestation without effective rat protection. In fact, a pair of mice can produce about 2000 children in a year if left uncontrolled.

– Rats attracted to the food we consume – They eat the same foods as humans like cereals, fruits, grains and even nuts. This food source can also be consumed also for mice, therefore it is very important to always clean up the food we eat and keep rats away from food sources.

– They have good hiding ability – They like to hide in small and narrow areas, do not like to be seen by humans and hide in places that are difficult to achieve as high locations such as roofs, basements or small areas. Remember not to give mice a chance to hide in dirty places, boxes and newspapers, and trash.