Avoid this After doing Botox Injection

When Botox is injected, you will feel like a mosquito bite. Botox will act as a competitive obstacle. Usually, chemical compound signals will travel through the nerve to tell the muscles to contract. Botox will prevent the signal from passing. After three or four months, the nerve will rediscover its route around the blocked area, so that’s why a person needs to do botox injections again three times a year. Visit everyoungmed.com/en/botox-vancouver if you want to do botox.

For the next few hours after Botox injections, patients are usually advised not to go to the gym, and should not rub their face or sleep in a prone position so that the poison can spread evenly into the facial tissues. Also, do not go anywhere between four days to two weeks before the poison can actually work. Because the face will usually look swollen and bruised shortly after the injection and will disappear after a maximum of two weeks.