Avoid Washing Espradilles With Water

You do not really need to wash your shoes with water, let alone soak them or put them in a washing machine. In keeping with the number one point, you can clean the shoe with a brush and a damp cloth. Shoes are only safely washed by using dry cleaning method. If the condition of the shoes is very dirty, eg until the mud and sticky dirt, you can use the dry cleaning services available shoes in your city.

Espadrilles shoes prone to fungus if left in a wet state, because the water that absorbs in the shoe espadrilles will make the shoes become moist. If you are forced to rain with shoe espadrilles, try to immediately dry them with a cloth or tissue. You do not need to dry it in the sun directly. This can make the color of shoes can be quickly faded. So, dry shoes with room temperature without direct exposure to sunlight. Visit our website to get the best Espadrille pour homme.

Because of sweat and bacteria, your espadrilles shoes smell bad. If you have this, you should not dry your shoes in the sun to remove the smell. You can use coffee powder to absorb odors on shoes.