The gantry and semi gantry hoist cranes

The next type that you can find in the world of selling cranes and heavy-duty use is a semi gantry hoist crane. This type of crane has one side of the construction using one leg or pole to support the grider. The legs are usually called gantry, gantry legs can move forward and backward. However, if you need to check out the hoist cranes for the rescue operations, just check out the recommended helicopter hoist online.

Furthermore, just like the type of semi gantry crane, gantry crane also uses gantry legs but if semi gantry uses only one while the gantry crane uses two legs. You need to know and you remember the use of hoist crane type of gantry crane requires quite extra security because the crane rail is located on the floor plus an easily accessible electric current.

That’s it for the info that we may share with you this time, we hope it helps you to know more about the types of hoists, so you will be able to buy one which is suitable for your tasks.