Always Check This Five Parts After Done Car Wash

In car washing, you need to pay attention to some things that concern some parts that must be cleaned in the car. So, if you feel that you can not clean all the parts perfectly, you can use the services of auto detailing san diego so that all parts of the car can be perfectly clean.

However, when you have finished cleaning the car, you should pay attention and check some of these parts so you can identify whether there is still dirt or damage to that part. Some parts that should always be checked are

1. Interrupted Door
Interrupted doors are often forgotten because drying does not open the door. In fact, this part is very important to note considering as a part that is rarely seen and cleaned. A clean interrupted door will provide more comfort to the owner of the car.

2. Under the Rearview Mirror
Under the rearview mirror is the usual place of stagnant water, we used to know after the car runs. Rather than you knowing it after the car goes far enough and is very annoying you better you check and you check when you have finished cleaning the car, so you can just dry it out.

3. Interrupted Glass
Sela glass is also a place to attach water when we open the glass after washing then seen the water that made an impression. The presence of watermarks on the glass will greatly disturb the appearance of your car, so you better clean it very dry so that the glass can look always clean.

 4. Luggage Lips
Luggage lips are often missed because car owners are usually lazy to open it when after washing. In fact, it will affect the dirt that accumulates in it. So, never forget to clean the luggage lips.

5.Second Lamps
Interrupted lights are also a place for watering. If we do not check and dry properly when after washing the car, the water down can imprint on the body or part of the car and make it dirty again.