The advantages of international schools

Some of the mothers who choose the international schools are thinking and hope that the school is better and achievers than the national school, and automatically will make the child will be able to compete in this globalized world. However, is that so true? In the meantime, you may check out The Best International School in Bangkok as well.

Differences in curriculum

If a local school refers to a national curriculum, an international school selects the use of an international curriculum in its teaching process, such as IB (International Baccalaureate), Cambridge, and others. Based on the international curriculum, all teaching materials will be delivered in English. Many parents think that the international curriculum will make children smarter than if they learn to use the national curriculum.

Could be so, Ma. That’s because the international curriculum is generally demanding that children become more creative and process-oriented, not results. But, there are other effects of the international curriculum that you need to know. Among other things, according to Elly, is not compatible with local education so it is difficult for you to move the child to a national school if she was originally from an international school.

Check Readiness

After knowing the curriculum, complete with the advantages and disadvantages, check also whether the child is suitable and ready to study at the school? And, are you as a parent also ready to send her to school in the international school? From a child’s perspective, you should be aware whether the curriculum is suitable for her and whether the child has sufficient English language skills.

While the mother also needs to be aware of some things that are by putting the child into an international school, you must be prepared if the child will accept values that are not in line with the family and realize that an international school needs a long-term plan that is ripe for the child and the money to be prepared because of the cost which is not cheap.

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